Day Trip: A short trip to Architecture -and gastronomic Nirvana

9am head to New Canaan CT to visit Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

After a 1 hour trip and I got to the Visitor Center only to find out my ticket was for a different day.  So I walked around the commercial area and had a cappuccino at Baldanza Market and Coffee (I rate it a 6/10).

Then I headed to Grace Farms, a cumbaya church that offers “a platform for people to experience nature, encounter the arts, pursue justice, foster community, and explore faith”. To me, Grace Farms is an unusual building designed by SANAA, a Pritzker Prize winning firm headed by architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa that offers a basketball court to please the locals, to qualify for not-for-profit status or both.

This SANAA-designed building zig zags like a snake (or river) down a steep slope, all connected by a flowing stainless steel roof and curved glass.  It has 5 distinct areas: a sanctuary, a library, a commons and restaurant, a coffee shop and a baseball court.  Grace Farms also has 2 barn buildings that are used as a Chapel and an administration office.


The building is also a landscape architecture marvel: perfectly located trees, rain spouts fall on catch basins, the building is amazing to see – and to photograph from every angle.  Landscaping is a bit spotty as can be seen from the burnt out and washed off areas but i assume that was because landscaping is new and spring just started.


Allow for 1 ½-2 hours to experience Grace Farms.

MIS (mise en scene-what was it like) Cloudy with a medium London-like rain.  8C with a wind chill factor of 6C.


For lunch I decided on Elm on Elm Street. I ordered a Duck Bacon Bowl with Faro, grilled carrots and foraged greens accompanied by a Glass of 2014 Patton Valley Pinot Noir. Service was a warm and inviting and the food refreshingly simple and healthy.  A 7/10 rating.

Next trip to New Canaan i plan on visiting the Glass House and Irwin Park.



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