Can a tower cranes dismantle itself?

It is fascinating to see how this workhorse of most construction projects get assembled – and then disassembled and how the operator gets up and goes to the bathroom.

Self-erecting cranes lift themselves using a jack which creates a void to insert the next section of the tower mast.  They are assembled without any outside help, and can grow together as the building or structure is being erecting.

VIDEO: Tower Crane Raise

The reverse process takes place when you finished the building and want to take the crane down.  The only difference is the removal of the horizontal components including the cab, jib and counter jib, weights, pendants, trolleys, etc.

VIDEO: Removal of the Tower

Remember that the operator has to CLIMB up to the cab through the interior of the tower and sit in that cab throughout the day.  He brings his food and drinks with him and most of the time even goes to the bathroom in a container he later brings down with him at the end of the day!

VIDEO: Interior of the Crane Cab

On a windy day or when they are lifting heavy loads the cab can swing several feet – not for the faint of heart!


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