Day Trip: Delaware River Gap and Milford, PA

8am:  Left NYC and headed to Route 80 West and take the exit toward Appalachian Trail/Dunnfield Creek (approx.  1:30 hours).  Follow River Road /Old Mine Road north toward Milford PA (another 1:30 at a leisurely pace).


Along River Road /Old Mine Road you will drive through the Delaware River Gap National Park which was formed by the collision of the American and African continents “a while back”.  Along the route there are at least 5 areas I saw off this main road and enjoy the Delaware River.  This clean and flowing body of water is great to enjoy a picnic, practice sports, raft downriver, etc.img_5628-pano

From there drive North to Milford PA, a quaint town with a vibrant Historic District.  Here you can walk along West Hartford Broad and West Hartford Streets and see buildings dating to the early 1800’s.  My favorite one is the 1814 Pike County Court House because of the condition its in and its simplicity:  a 3 story stone Building that over the years has housed a courthouse, a Presbyterian, Methodist and Episcopal Churches, a jail and now the sheriff’s office.

Other notable buildings include the new Pike County Court House, 594 and 509 Broad Street (law offices) and 506 Broad Street (Pike County Offices). On West Hartford I liked the Milford Schoolhouse and Helms Body Shop and Collision Repair.

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If you like Antique Car and Motorcycles go to Helms Body Shop and Collision Repair where you can see old cars on display and speak to Dave.

For Lunch I went to Waterwheel Cafe, Bakery & Bar on Water Street.  Waterwheel serves brunch inside and on their outdoor deck overlooking a nice river.  I ordered a local beer and chile con carne (which came with 2 eggs and 2 tortillas).  Food was good (7/10 and the outdoor was great.

Next time I’ll go to Bar Louis at the Fauchere Cafe, a landmark historic hotel with a much better menu and a nicer setting.

APC_0309 (1).jpg

The trip back took me through I-80 and took approx. 90 minutes.  Nice day to ride on old faithful!




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