What does that home “Contain”

One of the construction solutions that has captivated my imagination over the last 5 to 10 years has been reusing containers for residential and commercial purposes.

The challenges to achieving a good container home are quite a few and include finding a structurally sound container at an affordable price, insulating it to prevent the sun or ambient heat from converting it into a Dutch oven-or a walk-in freezer, working within the strict confines of its dimensions and obtaining municipal approvals for use of this in urban areas.

Because of these and many other reasons, container houses are not a common site in New York City and it’s Boros. I was driving on Richardson Street in East Williamsburg Brooklyn and found this building I wanted to share with you. 

From the exterior it looks like 3 -40 ft stacked containers by 3 40-ft containers wide (total of 9 containers), 6 of which where cut on a bias to achieve an entrance at grade and a terrace on the top two floors.

Is it is hard to figure out if this is going to be used as a residence or a commercial building without seeing the interior but I venture to guess that it will be residential.

Most container homes result in residences with something unusual about them – maybe that’s what is so attractive about them??

In this case you have:

  • An entrance that one would think is designed as a garage (even though there is no curb cut).
  • Slat side windows on the sides reduce the privacy by allowing the pedestrian an insight into the interior of the apartment.
  • The second floor has 3 rooms, each less than 8ft wide
  • An amazing rear yard and decks on all floors.

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