Day Trip: Louis and Cheesesteak

Cheesesteak is synonymous with Philadelphia.  So is Louis Kahn!

Richards Medical Research Lab on Hamilton Walk at UPenn has some similarities to Salk Institute at the University of California in San Diego: both are University projects, both research centers, both designed by Louis Kahn.


kahn PA 3kahn PA 1kahn PA 2kahn PA 6Need a crack monitor on this wall!

kahn PA 8.jpgkahn PA 7

Salk laid out as as two parallel, rectangular and identical buildings whereas Richards was originally 3 towers with a central building that housed the mechanicals (later expanded into 5 towers with the Goddard expansion)

salk-floorplanUCSD Salk Institute Floorplanrichards_and_goddard_research_labs_outline_u_penn

Richards (Goddard) Floorplan

Salk utilized concrete and wood and is 4-stories tall whereas Richards uses Brick and Concrete and is 8 stories tall.


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