A punching bag for Corbusier in Montevideo, Uruguay?


This Plan was envisioned as 11 Buildings in various areas of the city, including two that would be located in the working district of Cerro.  A public entity was created to carry out the Plan, inspired by the urbanistic theories associated with the Modern Movement, with particular reference to Le Corbusier’s unite d’habitation. It included the design of a park, services, the reinsertion of industry and the hope of a general revitalization for the area.
Unidad de Habitacion Cerro Sur – Facades
The only building that was eventually built is located on the southern slope of the Cerro de Montevideo and on the edges of the Vaz Ferreira Park, which was designed and forested – about 80,000 trees were planted – by Fresnedo in conjunction with the urban plan. The construction of the services building remained unfinished.
Service area remains unfinished almost half a century later

The block of flats of 75 meters long, four levels and a ground floor free on “pilotis”, presents homes with double orientation, with the bedrooms oriented to the north and dining rooms and kitchens to the south with large roofed terraces . This clearly turns the building and housing into a spectacular view of the park and the river. The other facades have a very different appearance with ceramic cladding, the windows of the bedrooms being grouped in three or four, highlighted by masonry frames.

Conjunto de Viviendas Cerro Sur, arq. Fresnedo Siri, R., MonteviConjunto de Viviendas Cerro Sur, arq. Fresnedo Siri, R., Montevi
Facade and Floor plan

The 3 bedroom homes are located at the ends and the 2 bedroom homes occupy the rest of the strip. The units are grouped by two and are accessed by independent vertical circulation. Originally, a large, completely glazed longitudinal hall was created that joined all the stairs, but since its deterioration was removed. This allowed to maintain the transparency generated by the elevation on pilotis of the block and a great visual integration with the park.

Both the urban approach and the resolution of the block, show a neatly modern and flexible building, taking into account site conditions and seeking to provide a better quality of life to users with very low resources.

Text transliterated from the “Roman Fresnedo Siri” 2013 IHA-FADU exhibit.

The building is located in an isolated area of the City with no services.  Evidence of abandonment, decay and neglect are everywhere:  strong odors are represented in nearby graffiti art, there are homeless people living in the unfinished services area  building (which is topped by an amazing Christmas tree), abandoned cars, a makeshift boxing school located in the basement with “expansion space” on the unfinished slabs above for their punching bag


unpleasant odors reflected in street art

Transliteration: women ride for free; appearances are deceiving.


Christmas Tree

apc_4202Boxing School


Homemade Punching bag


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