Day Trip: Bushwick Brooklyn

12pm head to Roberta’s Pizza in the corner of Morgan and Moore street for the quintessential Bushwick experience where throngs of wanna-be hipsters like me and camera toting tourists go for brunch to experience the real Bushwick.  The pizza is good but the ambiance is great!  Make sure you check the “tikki tent” and the outdoor area (make sure you go to the restaurant – it has a red door because they also have a take-out pizza next door.


Margarita Pizza


From there we walked around the block to see the Bushwick Collective’s graffiti.  Truly spectacular artists come every year to paint over previous artists and share their trade with us for free.  Stop by Fine & Raw for chocolates.

Then we went some 10 blocks away to Jefferson Street and Wyckoff avenue which I consider to be the new center of Bushwick.  From here you can walk 2 blocks in either direction and you will find the best graffitti in NYC!  I stopped at Cafe for a “cafe cortado” and Hana market for a quick healthy snack.

The residential market in this changing rapidly in this area and there is a bit of gentrification especially along Wyckoff Avenue.  The largest project in the area is taking shape now on the site of the old Reingold Brewery .This +/-1,000 unit project I believe will change the area by bringing in new residents to an otherwise primarily Latino neighborhood.  Further toward Himrod and Wyckoff streets you can find more buildings but their scale is A BIT more in like with the surrounding neighborhood.


My favorite pickup; a Mercedes Benz UNIMOG military truck from the 80’s!


And the winning graffiti waaaassss (drum-roll)…….

I was home by 4pm with great pictures and a smile on my face.


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