Day Trip: a pearl in Oyster Bay

10:30am I head to Oyster Bay to visit Billy Joel’s private motorcycle collection which is housed at 20th Century Motorcycle shop (45 min drive).  Here you can find the majority of his 100+ motorcycle collection; all immaculately maintained, fully registered and all ready to be driven at a moments notice.  He has a full time mechanic that works on the bikes from Monday to Friday and his wife keeps the shop open on the weekends for visitors to experience it for FREE!

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Bikes range in age from 40’s to 90’s vintage; in origin from Japan, Germany, Italy, US and UK. Brands include Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, BMW, Ducati, Morini, Yamaha, Honda and so on.  The sheer variety, quality and attention to detail is truly remarkable.

They even have a 1947 Chevy pick up with an original manual, registration and purchase receipt.



Then I went for a beautiful walk along the water. I got back in the car and heading back to Manhattan for lunch and was in the mood for Ramen so I decided to go to a shop in Astoria that friends have been raving about.  It was one of those un-remarkable meals so I won’t go into more detail about it.



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