Where could you Park $7,500 per square foot?

img_6429This 1,396 foot tall tower is located at the corner of 56th street and Park Avenue in New York City and was completed in 2015.  Designed by Rafael Vinoly, this 8,300SF footprint building houses 104 condominiums, a restaurant, retail spaces, amenity spaces, office spaces and auxiliary apartments (400 SF studios).

Sale prices for the penthouse reached $95 MM, according to records.

Apartments have unusually tall ceilings (12+ft) and enormous windows (10 Ft * 10 ft) and look and feel airy.  The apartment layout is perfect for a family where a couple and 3 kids can each have their own bedroom with en-suite luxury bathroom.  The kitchen is framed by the large window which makes you feel like you are sitting outside.  The quality of all finishes and the attention to detail are outstanding.

The Pictures are of mediocre quality because I was told I wasn’t allowed to take pictures – so I snuck out wherever possible.


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