CRANE: Crossroad of Real Estate, Architecture, New York and Economics.

I am a 50-year-old male born overseas who moved to the USA to attend college.  Here I obtained an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and computer Science followed by a Masters in Real Estate, both from prestigious universities.

Because I want to express myself freely but not hurt my business, I chose to stay anonymous.  This will allow me to freely express my opinions about public institutions or government officials that I have regular dealings with without a backlash to my business.  

I spent my entire business career working in the real estate field: from my first job at a bank, to a developer, hard money lender, real estate consultant and private equity; I was exposed to many different aspects of the vast real estate field including development, redevelopment, repositioning and management of apartment buildings, office building, land, active adult communities, hotels, movie theaters, mobile homes, etc.  Throughout my career I  have been was involved in transactions exceeding $1.4 billion.

In 2001 I started my own business where we acquire apartment buildings, gut renovate them and turn them around. We also do land development for residential use and commercial properties primarily in New York City and the Northeastern US. I’m proud to say that, thanks to my team, I now have a business valued in excess of $100 million.

I owe the success of my business to my family, to the opportunities I was given and, most importantly, to knowing how to take advantage of them!  I also attribute much of my success to my constant search for improvement through learning and exploration.

I constantly learn: I learn from my fellow developers, from current and dead professionals (architects, engineers, planners, etc.), reporters, researchers, respected teachers and scholars, and many others.  I also learn from searching and admiring buildings from different eras, styles and geographical locations. I avidly seek out, read and learn from what some would deem as boring and esoteric research reports on demographics, construction, zoning, etc.

I especially learn on my time off and during my travels.  My family is already used to me “disappearing” for a morning to meet with a noted architect, developer or scholar during a family vacation.  Or when they wake up on a weekend and I “disappear” to go see an up-and-coming area, building, infrastructure project or changing restaurant scene that might herald a change in the demographics of an area.

My goal is to share this journey with you and hope that it helps in your personal and business improvement and achieve whatever goals you seek. You may find that the subjects and focus of this blog changes from time to time. In retrospect, I find that the themes usually reflects what my business has me focused on at the time: design, style, material selection, investment decisions, finding new up-and-coming-areas, etc.

I hope you enjoy this journey and please provide feedback so I can improve your experience.  Thank you for reading!